The LINDY HDMI range has cables to suit all your HDMI needs. Premium Gold versions are designed for the most demanding, professional AV and home cinema installations. HDMI to DVI, HDMI to Mini HDMI, couplers and port savers ensure you get the most out of your setup. The LINDY white HDMI cables are ideal for Apple TVs and more.

Premium Gold 1.3b Cat 2 cables are for home cinema buffs that want to get the most out of their professional home cinema and AV installations. Premium Gold HDMI cables are constructed to provide the highest quality, most reliable high speed HDTV connection. The ‘future proof’ cables are fully certified by the HDMI Authorised Test Centre for High Speed 1.3b Cat 2 compliance. They support all currently available HDMI equipped devices at resolutions of up to an amazing 2160p and higher.

lindy-premium-gold-hdmiThe specially designed cables feature triple shielded and low attenuation to provide superb clarity, definition and detail, even over longer transmission distances. The 24K gold plated connectors allow for excellent, consistent signal transfer as well as preventing interference and improving reliability. A Premium Gold HDMI cable is the perfect choice for professional home cinemas and AV installations.

lindy-white-hdmi-1.3-cableFlat white HDMI cables are specially designed for use with your modern home cinema, Apple TV™ or other streaming media installations. Their design perfectly complements stylish setups. The cables flat design means it can be easily routed underneath carpets, along walls and behind equipment. The advanced, high quality cable construction and gold plated connectors ensure maximum reliability and fantastic performance with perfect image and sound reproduction.

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