A common problem when switching from analogue to digital TV (freeview) is that not all channels are received, the most common probelm is the TV aerial. UHF TV channels are grouped by frequency, the aerial groups are A B CD E K & W, group A covers channels 21-37, group B channels 35-53, group CD channels 48-68, group K channels 21-48 and group W (wideband) channels 21-68. If you have, for example, a group A TV aerial and some of the Freeview channels are above channel 37 you may not be able to receive them.

Freeview digital TV channels are grouped together in a group called a multiplex, if the multiplex is outside the channel coverage of your aerial you may find a whole block of Freeview channels are missing. If you suffer from this problem a wideband digital tv aerial can be purchased for around £25.

If you already have a wideband TV aerial and are suffering occasional signal dropouts rather than missing blocks of channels a TV aerial amplifer or signal booster may help. Ideally this should be mounted as closed to the aerial as possible. TV signal boosters are available with multiple outputs so you can amplify the signal from a single antenna to many TVs.

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